I honestly don’t talk about Lina a lot on here. She takes up so much of my time, focus, and money every day. I don’t see how I avoid talking about her on this blog.

Well, we found ourselves needing updated headshots for her. Like, professional looking headshots. Unfortunately, Michael’s photography skills aren’t there and we don’t have any close family members that take photographs.

I messaged my favorite 3 local photographers. All 3 have snapped her at some point.

#1 wanted $300 just for the session. That didn’t include anything: hair, makeup, prints, digital copies, and release, all separate. Ain’t nobody got money for that.

#2 was very vague and honestly that ruled her out. Communication is the key to business, people.

#3 is a fellow dance mom. She said that she would do the session for free if she could use Lina for another project she had going on (dancers in local businesses). The only thing I had to do would be to buy $100 worth.

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

The photos turned out amazing and I saved so much money.

If you are in Central Kentucky and need photos, please consider SVM Portraits. She’s awesome.

And don’t be afraid to ask for a service exchange. People used to barter all the time. You’d be surprised how much money you can save.

2 thoughts on “Share Talents

    1. Right? It seriously has to do with all the water she drinks. I went through such an ugly, awkward phase at that age… it’s so not fair. Lol.

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