Today I used the last pack of bacon that I bought with that gift card. My soul hurt opening it. Bacon is pretty expensive and I don’t keep the freezer stocked with it. But I made sure to get the most out of this last pack.

It all started with a late brunch. I’m not going try to justify us sleeping that late. It happens. I made eggs, bacon, biscuits, and milk gravy. Basically, a typical Southern breakfast.

I love gravy. As in I would eat it with every meal if it weren’t for the calories. It’s just meat drippings (bacon is my fave), flour, and milk. When I do make it, everything on my plate gets drenched in it.

If you don’t live in the Southern United States, it’s just bechamel sauce. If you still don’t know what I’m talking about. I can’t help you. I live in podunk Kentucky and even I know what bechamel sauce is.

My dad taught me how to make gravy, but he also said that you couldn’t keep leftovers of it. That’s pretty upsetting because I always make too much and I hate wasting food. But Dad was from South Podunk Kentucky and I doubt he knew what it’s other name was. So I googled.

Did you know that bechamel can be used as a base sauce for mac and cheese? Plus I had bacon leftover (that’s a rare occurrence). Behold my bacon mac and cheese.

I didn’t have elbow macaroni. I just threw away the dry, powdered sauce pack from a box of mac n cheese and used the mac.

Auggie devoured it and the other two had multiple plates.

So yes, you can save leftover gravy and make the best darn mac and cheese ever with it.

Summer Bucket List

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