Happy Father’s Day everyone!

We don’t have a whole lot planned for it. Hubby prefers to keep his special days low key and inexpensive. I did use Michael’s camera and made a photo collage for hubby’s work desk. He hasn’t had a photo of the kids since Lina was 3. $5 for a photo collage to be printed with CVS Pharmacy (which is within walking distance of our house). Another $5 for a nice looking frame from Walmart. All in all $10 for a gift that will brighten up his work area.

Lina loves to cook and asked if she could make lunch for him. She consulted her handy dandy Kids Crockpot CookBook. She has tried a couple recipes from that book before but quickly got stuck on the tomato soup; to the point that she has the recipe memorized. I tried to get her to pick out a different recipe. Hubby intervened, however, and said that he wants her tomato soup for Father’s Day. The smile on her face when he said that was priceless.

Michael hasn’t said whether or not he wants to do something special. He usually waits until the last minute for gifts. I’m going to help Auggie make a card. There are a million and a half handprint card ideas on Pinterest for all occasions.

Hubby will just get to relax. My dad is deceased and his dad is pretty hands off. Usually, there is a family reunion to go to on his side of the family, but the person in charge of it isn’t doing too well health-wise.

The only good pic I could get of the three of them.

I hope you all have a great Father’s Day and find something to celebrate.



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