Life has been kind of sour for us this year, but this post isn’t about a metaphor. Aldi’s had a 2 pound bag of lemons for only .99! I don’t like lemons or lemonade or really anything that tastes like lemons. It’s a side effect of having to use lemon scented cleaning products my whole childhood. All of that stuff just tastes the way lemon cleaning products smell.

But my kids were never subjected to the insane cleaning regime that Dad put me and my sisters through! They don’t have bad memories of lemon scented anything. So they LOVE lemons. Auggie will eat them plain, peel and all. His doctor said that a little roughage won’t hurt him.

Hubby definitely gave me a weird look when I put that bag of lemons in our cart. Y’all know I’m huge into the life skills and if the kids want lemonade then they should drink the real stuff, not that powdered crap (which is ok to use in a pinch). I knew the kids would get a kick out of making lemonade. Lina, Auggie, and I rolled, cut, and hand squeezed the whole bag while Michael slept on the couch.


We didn’t use a recipe, although there are plenty of those online and our lemonade was definitely made with Southerners in mind. SWEET. 

1.5 cups sugar, dissolved in 1 cup warm-ish water
Juice of 2 lbs of lemons (it was about 2 cups)
Enough cold water to make 2 quarts

Stir and serve over ice.

So simple that the kids definitely could have done it themselves. I’m considering buying a juicer since Aldi’s produce is SO cheap. That would make the lemonade making a little faster and get the pulp & seeds out. We did our best but there are seeds floating around.

See the seed in there? Lol

Another item off the summer bucket list.

Summer Bucket List.jpg

How’s your list looking?

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