This weekend hubby had an unexpected day off. The generators at his work had to be replaced. In order to do that, the electricity had to be turned off. He works in a call center… work wasn’t going to happen. So we decided to go waterfalling with the kids.

I do not view waterfalling to be the same as hiking. A lot of waterfalls are off the road so you have to walk to them, but a lot of them have paved paths to an overlook area. Hiking, to me, does not include pavement. Kentucky is very lucky to have a lot of waterfalls available, with Cumberland Falls being the most famous one of them.

I’ve always lived in Kentucky. I’ve been to the Cumberland Falls more times than I care to count. Michael and Lina have been there once. Auggie is still a little too young considering the crowds that it draws. So, I decided to take us to a local swimming hole that also had a waterfall.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Flat Lick Falls

We headed to Jackson County (Gray Hawk to be exact) for Flat Lick Falls.

It was gorgeous. There was a well kept paved path leading to the overlook. There were a few signs that stated to not jump from the top of the falls due to injury or death. So, naturally, there were young men jumping from the top.

I don’t know who those young men are, but I am eternally grateful to them for not jumping while my kids were watching. We all have to be good examples. Michael and Lina knew what was happening, however. Every time they turned their heads we could hear another one jump.

There are hiking trails that take you down to the swimming hole. We found an easy one and kept Auggie in the middle of us so that we could make sure that he stayed on the trail. I know that I said in Take Them Hiking to stick to trails that you have done yourself. *sigh* This was a new trail for us, but hubby’s cousins have been there with small children before, so I knew that it was possible for Auggie. His cousins are not the hiking type. 101_0244.JPG

We didn’t bring swimsuits for the kids to submerge in the water (it’s 14 feet deep in the middle), but I definitely encouraged them to walk in the creek that is fed by the falls. Auggie got to observe tiny minnow fish and tried to play with them. He even got up close to a butterfly. Michael went crazy with the camera and got a lot of amazing shots that I’m not allowed to share here. <he’s looking for more photo contests to enter> Lina got to relax and that alone made it worth the trip.

What you don’t see in the photos is the garbage on the banks. If you go to a park, hiking trails, a waterfall, a playground, a forest… ANY green space that is shared by a community, pack out what you pack in. This is why we always bring some sort of backpack with us. We pack in water and light snacks. We pack out the garbage from the water and light snacks.

It’s just common courtesy. How else can we keep green spaces green??

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