If you are thinking that this is some sort of 50 shades of whatever, you are wrong. S.M. stands for social media and I suck at keeping up with my accounts. I only have 1 personal account and that’s on Facebook. My business accounts though…

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Snapchat (I don’t use that one though), YouTube.

Ya’ll I always forget about Google+ and my YouTube is probably the most neglected account on the whole planet. So I struggle and it’s a shame because when you are trying to run an online business, you can’t afford to struggle. Every post can bring you a sale, so every missed post is practically a potential sale that you’ve lost. I have to up my marketing game if I’m ever going to quit my job.

I’m pretty active on Twitter. The themed days’ posts are not new to me, but I need my own in addition to the current ones in order to stick to it. Most of these will pertain to my candle business. My blog does not have its own social media, but it shares a lot with the candle business (which does have it’s own Facebook page).

Scent Sunday will showcase a different scent each week, while Sunday Read will promote a blog post.

Monday Mess is going to focus on cleaning or decluttering an area and I can push the essential oils since they are used in a lot of cleaning recipes. Make It Monday is going to be a crafty post. I can be making my business cards, these graphics, scent samples, whatever.

Tip Tuesday can be how to store the wax or caring for the candles. CSC posts these all the time in the consultants only Facebook groups. Trendy Tuesday will tie current trends with the warmers or diffusers.

Wordless Wednesday will be just a picture. That will be the easiest posts to make in advance and schedule. I’ve been trying to lose weight and I think Workout Wednesday is going to focus on that. There might be some before and after shots.

Three Things Thursday will give the customers an opportunity to share 3 things that they like or would like to see. CSC is very good at taking customer requests and a lot of the new scents are results of those requests. Thrifty Thursday will showcase the bundles (which are a good discount) and last chance sale items. This is also a good opportunity to try to book online parties. The hostess can earn free gifts. Doesn’t get much more thrifty than that.

Fearless Friday is going to be something that scares me. Whether it’s going live on Facebook, making a YouTube video, or even cold calling. Anything that puts my social anxiety to work. Pay it Forward Friday will probably only happen once a month. I would like it to be a day where my commissions are donated to charity. Maybe throw a poll up and let my customers/readers pick which charity it goes to.

I ain’t doing anything on Saturday ya’ll. My dad raised me to make sure that you have one day a week for rest as it required in the bible. Saturday is going to be my day. I just can’t.

So, is this corny or a good idea? What do you do to work your social media?

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