Me. I did it! I totally made a quiche and it was YUMMY!!

I love quiches. When we go to the Old Mill in Pigeon Forge, it’s the only thing I’ll order. When we go to Mimi’s Cafe in Mason, OH, it’s the only thing I’ll order. I’ve been addicted to the stuff since I first ordered it at a questionable mall cafe a decade ago. <I hate phrases that show my age….>

I mentioned in my Surviving Food Insecurity series that we eat a lot of eggs during a layoff because it is a cheap form of protein and is often cheaper than cereal. I also mentioned in my Gift Card post that I had stocked my freezer with 5 packs of lovely bacon that I bought with a gift card to my favorite grocery store. What I didn’t mention in either of those two posts is how eating eggs, even with bacon, can get boring. I had already made BLT wraps with one pack of bacon and they were delicious, even if Auggie wouldn’t eat them.

My BLT wrap

So I started looking up recipes for quiche. If you are wondering what a quiche is, my husband explained it to Michael as an “egg pie”. That’s not entirely true but if you keep in mind that it’s a savory dish and not a sweet one, the description isn’t too off the mark.

Look at that gorgeously crimped crust.

I knew I wanted to add bacon to it. I only had mozzarella cheese. I also had 6 cups of shredded zucchini in the freezer pre-portioned in 1 cup servings (Yay, prep work!). I also had gone to the store to get pie crust from the refrigerator section. I hadn’t got the memo that most of the recipes online are now for a ‘crustless’ quiche. Why would you do that to yourself? The crust is part of the whole deal. If you are an expert crust maker, knock yourself out. I am not, so I use the pre-made stuff.

Thankfully, I found a basic quiche recipe that lets you doctor it up as you want. <click the link for the recipe over at Genius Kitchen>

I used 1 cup of the zucchini, half a cup of crumbled, cooked bacon, and 1 cup of mozzarella cheese. I also used 1% milk. It was delicious. The kids, except Auggie, loved it and finished it off for lunch.

I’m very proud of my quiche

With Aldi’s in town now, grocery prices have dropped. A dozen eggs are .58, the cheese was on sale for 1.88, milk is .98 a gallon, the pie crust was 1.32, and 2 zucchinis were .79 and that produced 6 cups once shredded. The only expensive ingredient is the bacon and I got that for free. The recipe would work well without any meat in it.

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