I bought myself a little bouquet of flowers. They were in the discount bin at Kroger, but had no visible browning or signs of decay. The bright orange lifted my spirits immediately. Seriously the picture above does not do it any justice. It doesn’t hurt that they were only $2.

I needed something beautiful in my house at that moment. It’s been a little chaotic here: cleaning, getting ready for a yard sale, the recital is less than 2 weeks away, and we are still trying to find the rest of the money for our vacation. I’ve sent out a lot of applications for summer work, but most people don’t want to hire a temporary employee. I wouldn’t mind cleaning houses for extra money, but everyone requires references, which you can’t get without the experience.

My anxiety has been a little up and I’ve been hitting the grapefruit essential oil pretty hard.


I’ve been trying to make the most of this layoff. Auggie is working really hard on potty training. I have the time and energy to get Michael and Lina to work harder on their studies. I even had time to go on a scenic drive with Lina when she was having a bad day. We only got a little lost. It was nice to just drive, laugh, and joke around with her. It was exactly what I dreamt of when I had her.

There truly is beauty in everything. We only have to find it and bring it home.


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