Ha! Guess what I forgot to do this spring….


There are always positives to look at in situations like this. I’m doing my cleaning during a time that the weather will permit a yard sale. I’m not tired from working all night, so I’m not half-assing it.

Yeah, that’s all I got. But I am very adamant that a lot of this stuff has GOT TO GO. The clutter is smothering me. I know messy can mean a sign of intelligence, but I have sales circulars from December!! That’s borderline hoarding.

Ok, not really because I have no issue with throwing it away. I did not mean to make light of a serious mental illness.

<I had a Facebook friend, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, lecture me about disassociative identity disorder because I made a joke about having an alter ego. Please don’t send me hate emails>

It’s basically a whole school year of clutter laying around. EVERYWHERE. One of these days I will figure out how to balance homeschooling, housework, and a full-time job. Until then enjoy this lovely photo of my mantel. Feel free to ignore the before photo.

Spring Cleaning.jpg

Also because I have started ‘spring’ cleaning, I was able to mark off another thing on my spring bucket list.

My Progress 2

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