“When we opened the speed limit was 100 and you all ran around going 250”. I paraphrased that, but that’s pretty much what my boss’s boss’s boss said to all of us on the last day of the semester. The older supervisors got offended and started defending themselves and raising their voices, but geez he hit the nail on the head with that one. This past semester was chaotic and none of us had our sh*t together. He continued to admonish us about how stressed out we allowed ourselves to get. Even warned us about how jobs like this can put us in the grave and he doesn’t want that.

I just want to say that I love this man. Not romantically…gross. But the fact that he told us that we need to relax and slow down for our health… Not many bosses are going to say something like that and I love that he reminded me that I have failed my word of the year so far.

I haven’t relaxed at all. In fact, I had stress face– my face scarred from that-, have checked my work email at home constantly, checked in at work on my days off, and gone back in after going home thinking I’ve forgotten something.

I was supposed to relax!!

There is still 7 months left this year and I’m going to remember what my boss’s boss’s boss said. The speed limit of life is 100, not 250. If I keep going 250, I’m going to crash and die.

He’s a wise man, even if he did send me on an odd errand to get him a banana when I had my arms full of stuff. I can tell that my boss has adopted this philosophy, now if only we could get his boss to do so….

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