I love gift cards.

I love to give them. They can be personalized to a person’s tastes (give my hubby GameStop or none at all) or simply a generic card to a gas station.

I love to get them. I can do a lot of damage with sales and gift cards.

Recently, I got a text “If you were to get a gift card, what kind would you want?”. I’m not going to say who it was from, but my reply was “Food”. I have 3 kids. We eat. A lot.

And when it comes to free food I’m not picky. It can be a restaurant, a grocery store; I don’t care.

Long story short, I was given a wonderful $50 gift card to Kroger. It just so happened that Kroger was having a beautiful sale on pork tenderloins. I immediately went to the store. Hubby went along with me because he is a human calculator. He also knows that he doesn’t get to pick anything (a story for another post).

I got 2 half pork tenderloins, 5 packs of bacon, 4 lbs of ground beef, 2 frozen pizzas (ok, so I let hubby pick out something), and 4 containers of Cran-Pineapple juice. I only paid $11 out of pocket. The juice was not on sale, but it is Auggie’s favorite juice.

I’m a food service worker!!! I can slice my own tenderloin and get great looking chops. And that is what I did. I sliced up those beauties and separated them into 10 different meals. Put them into freezer bags, labeled them (name, frozen date, use by date, and my initials—because work habits die hard), and put those babies in the freezer. One pack of bacon made it to the fridge, the rest went into the freezer. All four pounds of ground beef got separated into 4 different meals and also put into the freezer.

But wait! There’s more!

Hubby received a Redbox code from his manager for Christmas. If you aren’t familiar with this, it’s basically a gift card. Hubby didn’t use his Redbox code. So when a certain sketchy movie made from a badly written book trilogy got released to rent, guess who rented it for free? =)

Here’s a hint: it was me. Also, I will never actually admit to watching any of those movies.

The kids got gift cards to Cinemark for Christmas. The next time there is a movie going on that we all want to watch, those are going to be the kids’ snack fund. They just about kill me on movie theater food.

What gifts do you prefer to receive?


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