I just finished up my first series and it was over my experiences with food insecurity. This is something that weighs heavily on my heart and I appreciate this outlet to educate, advocate, and encourage. If you want to get caught up, all of the links are at the bottom of this post.

I didn’t feel right doing a series on food insecurity without making a post for the food secure. Whenever I talk to my kids about helping the less fortunate or the food insecure, I use one phrase over and over: “We are all one paycheck away”. I’m passionate about food insecurity because I’ve been there twice. I don’t want to be there again, but I want to help others who are still there.

What can you do?


Donate food to little pantries like the one I have been using as a featured image for this series. Maybe you are getting ready to clean out your cabinets at home and know a neighbor or a friend that can use that food. Drop it off like my friend did for us.

Donate money to the larger food banks. They are tax exempt and can often get great deals on food that we can’t.

Donate time. Help these food banks sort the food into boxes. Check dates one the food. If you have a soup kitchen, sign up to serve. Yesterday I mentioned a backpack program that our Family Resource Centers offer. It’s partially funded by a 5k “Tracks for Packs”. To participate in a 5k, it’s only the sacrifice of a Saturday morning. If your community doesn’t have a little pantry, maybe you can be the person to start one.

Food insecurity may be a lifelong state of mind, but it is also the failure of society. Once upon a time, people grouped together and had community meals. They shared the surplus of their gardens and farms. Churches used to make home visits to make sure the needs of their parishioners were met. It’s so few and far between for people to take care of each other these days and that’s why, I believe, food insecurity is such a widespread problem.

Together we can all do something to help.

Day One- Introduction

Day Two- Breakfast

Day Three- Lunch/Snacks

Day Four- Dinner

Day Five- Gardening

Day Six- Accepting Help

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