Some books need an extension activity, some are merely enhanced by one, and some just connect with the reader.

Jazz  Baby by Lisa Wheeler just clicked with my Auggie. The rhythm of the rhyme makes it impossible to not ‘sing’ the words and when the reader is engaged, so is the listener. The story and illustrations take us through a family jam session. The colors and flowing lines of the pictures pull you in. Auggie clapped along with the rhythm and followed the cue to say “Go, man, go!”.

The book is longer than what I generally like to read out loud… my throat gets dry pretty quickly…but when you are snappin’ and tappin’ along, it’s enjoyable for the adult. Honestly, I’m kinda disappointed when he asks someone else to read it to him. It may be that I enjoy it because my dad introduced me and my sisters to jazzy music early on. Michael and Lina also got early jazz exposure. This was Auggie’s first experience with it and, gauging by his reaction, I think he’s a fan. And why wouldn’t he be? It is his big brother’s favorite type of music, after all.

Our whole reading experience with this book is an extension in itself. Even though it didn’t need an activity, I’m never going to pass up an opportunity to make instruments. Seriously, I drove my parents crazy with tissue box guitars and oatmeal canister drums.

Well, unlike my parents, I do not keep rubber bands handy and my kids don’t eat oatmeal enough for us to have empty canisters laying around. We do, however, have mint canisters.IMAG0510

I took the stickers off of it, popped in a few dried beans, and sealed it with glued on construction paper. Now you can use duct tape, super glue, stickers, or even that cute washi tape. I had school glue and construction paper on hand, so that’s what I used. The beauty of preschool crafts is simply using what you have. They should never be expensive to make. They should also not be very difficult.

So that’s another book off of our 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten list.

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