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Y’all Country Scents Candles has some new scents coming out May 1st. I released them on my social media yesterday, but I wanted to share with all of you.

PeachFirst up is Peach! I love peaches. Twice a summer the peach truck comes through our town and sells fresh Georgia peaches and I buy them up every time; prep them and freeze them. I love peaches. One of my favorite Christmas dinner side dishes is partially thawed fresh peaches.

Now, I’m Southern through and through and there is a staple that we have here inSouthern Sweet Tea Candle the south: Sweet Tea. Working in the food service industry it severely bothers me when people order unsweetened tea. Why bother? I am really excited that Southern Sweet Tea is one of our new scents. The scent profile has top notes of peach and green; middle notes of jasmine and sweet floral. It finishes with bottom notes of musk.

lavender candleCSC tries to use essential oils in their pure soy wax, but some scents require fragrance blends. Currently, all of our lavender scents, calming lavender and lavender vanilla,  use lavender fragrance blends. Well, I am happy to let y’all know that we will have a straight-up lavender scent using lavender essential oils. *squee!*

They had offered a special edition lilac scent Mother’s Day candle that was offeredlilac melt through presale only. I missed out on ordering one and was completely bummed. But then they decided to release lilac as a seasonal scent!! I can’t wait to stock up on the candles and melts. I have a big feeling that this one is going to sell out quickly.

I love to sit outside during the summer. On the porch, in the hammock, by the firepit… outside. I have always loved just being outside. What I don’t love is getting eaten up by skeeters. {for you ‘normal’ peeps that would be mosquitoes} My backyard is at the bottom of a slope and we get all of the rain runoff from our neighbors. So my backyard is moist. Guess what conditions mosquitoes like? Citronella

I’m going to add Country Scents’ Citronella candles to my current citronella candles. Because it’s a lot cheaper than paying someone to questionably treat the backyard for mosquitoes.

That’s it for the scents, but there is also a warmer sale going on for the month of April. All of the Candle Aires are $16. Just until the end of April.

  • Fan Fragrance Warmers feature our patented whisper quiet fan that circulates a fragrant breeze into the air to fill larger spaces.
  • Candle Aire Fragrance Tins can be filled with any of your favorite CSC Melts
  • The flickering bulb in each Candle Aire creates the ambiance of a lit candle, without flame, soot, or other pollutants.

candle aire


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