That was the question that Lina posed to me tonight. Hubby and I did not have a normal courtship. In fact, our relationship was put on the fast track from the get-go. Thanks, life.

We started dating mid-January, moved in together 2 days later, got engaged that April, found out I was pregnant that October, and got married that November.


Did I sugar coat any of this for my daughter?


She thought it was weird that we dated for only 10 months when her favorite Youtube couple dated for 7 years. I think dating for 7 years is weird.

Our first three years of marriage didn’t slow down any either. We had 2 children, 1 miscarriage, and almost fell apart. I’m very grateful that we decided to work on our marriage instead of divorcing. I wouldn’t have Auggie if we didn’t stay together.

So those of you with unconventional starts to your family story, do you sugarcoat it for your kids?

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