Three to five-year-olds are my favorite. I love this age group. They are developing their personalities. They are … trying and when they are silent, oh boy.

Oh, Boy

He has dumped dish soap all over my mattress. We buy the big jugs too.

He has covered the dog with parmesan cheese. The dog didn’t mind. She enjoyed the treat. No one enjoyed the doggie gas that resulted from that. Not even Auggie.

Recently, we gave Auggie a faux-hawk. We have a specific hair gel that’s meant just for mohawks and it’s really good stuff. Well, apparently I didn’t put enough in his hair that day because he covered his mohawk in it and gave the dog a matching hairstyle. I was at work when this happened and hubby was too shocked to grab the camera. We are still washing that great mohawk gel out of her fur.

Auggie’s faux-hawk and his lollipop for not kicking the hairstylist…. we have big goals in this family


He dumped sugar all over my bed. I don’t know what he has against my bed….

The contents of my closet got relocated to the middle of the bedroom floor.

Those last two just happened tonight. I thought he was sleeping…

He keeps stealing his big brother’s toys. There are a few that Michael isn’t ready to let go of yet.

But this age group is my favorite. Even when they are being difficult.


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