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I’m addicted to Pinterest.

I know, not a big surprise. There aren’t very many Mommy bloggers that aren’t spending a lot of time on that app. But it’s a good way to drum up more readers for this blog and more customers for my side business.

So today, I was working Pinterest and a pin popped up from Brilliant Business Moms. *For starters, that name is great. Totally got my attention because I’m a mom, I have a business, and I’m humble brilliant.

The pin linked to a post called Why You’re Not Gaining New Pinterest Followers and it’s a very informative read. Broke down everything that I was doing wrong and I immediately set out to fix all of that. I didn’t even realize that Pinterest followers were important to me until I saw that I have less than 100. That stung a little.

Just kidding.


Anyway, I’m definitely going to follow Brilliant Business Moms and hope that they can help me quit my main job.

No pressure, ladies. =)

Oooh, the featured image for this post is my cover pin for my boards.

Did you know that those were important? I didn’t even know that those were a thing.

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