A lapbook is a folder that you use to organize info on a topic. It’s usually a manila folder with little books and folds glued or taped onto it. It’s really a homeschool tool. My kids didn’t respond to it, so we don’t use them….

Until now.

A while ago I tried something called a BuJo, or bullet journal. It didn’t work for my unorganized butt. It was too detailed and too neatly organized. I lost interest in it within a week…. Ok, I’m being generous. I lasted 2 days.

But now that I’m trying to be an independent woman financially, run this blog, and expand my business, I need an organization technique that works for me. Then I noticed that in my post about my business in a bag, the picture showed a brand new pack of manila folders.

I didn’t know why I bought them other than the fact that I just like buying office supplies. Then I had an idea. A wonderful idea. Lapbooks.

I have one for my bank info.

I have one for my emergency savings fund plan.

I have one to help me raise my credit score.

I can do this adulting business. Even if I have to resort to childish tools to do so.


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