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We are continuing with our 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten project. The next book we explored is Silly Sally by Audrey Wood.

Silly Sally is a fun ginger that walks to town backward and upside down. The character and illustrations are wonderfully bright. What kept Auggie engaged with this book was the pictures of her getting closer to town. He said that it looked like a castle.

I liked that it worked on the concepts of ‘right side up’, ‘upside down’, ‘forward’, and ‘backward’.

Pinterest did not disappoint me this time!!! User Nicole Morris had a great craft pinned using paper plates. Auggie and I used our stash of paper plates to make our own Silly Sallys. They are currently hanging on our white board upside down, but they have spent plenty of time right side up and facing forward & backward.


For us, this craft was more about following directions. I told him to draw 2 circles and he scribbled all over his first plate. I gently told him no and got him another plate. Although he still scribbled a bit, he was more careful about following the rest of the directions. I crochet so I always have yarn on hand; we decided to use that for the hair. I let him choose the color of our Sallys’ hair. But I did the cutting and gluing.

We also talked about how our Sallys looked different and how cool that was. He was so proud that he showed off his Sally to everyone in the house; even guests. He tried to talk to them about why she was upside down and what she was doing. This is the first time he has tried to retell a book from memory. It was really sweet listening to him.

He also demanded to go back to the library. Which is what he told us that he plans on being when he grows up. A library.

At this age, his sister had planned on being a football, so I suppose a library is a step up. #motherwin

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