“Oh no, my snow! Where’s my seashell?”

March in Central Kentucky usually involves a snowstorm or two. Maybe even a few dustings. I don’t know how Auggie put snow and seashell together, but it got him started on a “Let’s go to the beach!” kick. I guess to a 3-year-old the disappearing of snow equals summertime?

It didn’t go away that night. Now we have beaches along our rivers and lakes, but he’s 3. We all know that means he’s picturing ocean, sand, and plenty of seashells to demand to bring home in buckets. But he was so determined that he refused to go to bed. That’s when a small, plain umbrella came into play.

He saw it.

I saw it.

Like Edison and Tesla, we had the same idea but wanted to execute it differently. I said, “We’ll play beach tomorrow”. The catch was that he had to go to bed right then. He said that the bed was a beach.

Sometimes we have to pick and choose our battles as parents. At 3 o’clock in the morning, I was not willing to battle. It’s not worth the frustration of arguing with a three-nager. He fell asleep under that umbrella in his bed. I stayed up until he seemed to get to the rapid eye movement stage of sleep. Then I put the umbrella up.

The next day, bright and early, he still wanted to go to the beach. Again, I set up the umbrella- or umbrell-ella, as he calls it -this time in the living room, on the floor. He happily sat “under” it for almost 2 hours while watching his kindle. That’s more screen time at one time than I like, but I was exhausted from staying up with him the night before.

Audric Umbrella
Audric and his umbrella

Wow. Imaginary play is amazing. The creativity it can evoke and the memories it brings out. I love how he associates umbrellas with the beach. I love how he loves the beach. He’s only been there once and most of the time, it was spent under an umbrella that we rented. He was less than a year old.

Audric Beach
Auggie’s first time at the beach. Look at that smile.

I have dragged out our beach towels for the next time that he wants the beach. Thankfully, we are going to Florida for two weeks this summer. The kids have only been to Charleston, South Carolina and that is actually where Audric was conceived. It seems right that he would be such a beach bum already.

my progress

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