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IMAG0422 Supplies:
Composition Notebook
Mead Index Cards, Note Cards, Plain, 100 Count, 3″ x 5″
Invisible Matte Finish Acetate Tape
Printer or Markers

The first thing is to make the label for the cover of the notebook. I used my computer to make ours and then glued it to an index card. Then I did a faux lamination with the scotch tape to fix the index card to the notebook. This covered the “100-page composition book” label that the manufacturer’s always put on them. If you have clear contact paper, that will also work for the faux lamination.

I designed a train-themed “All About Me” printable (the link goes to my Etsy page, I’m selling the download for a dollar each) that I glued to the inside of the notebook. There are 100 pages in the book and 26 letters in the alphabet. I’m making it to where each letter gets 3 pages. That still leaves plenty of pages for mistakes.

The plan is to have the capital letter take up one page, have Auggie glue pictures from magazines that start with each letter on the second page, and I haven’t thought of what to do for the third page.

What should I do for the third page?? Leave ideas for me below, PLEASE!!!

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