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I don’t have my own area at home to work. I usually bounce between the living room couch, the back room couch, and my bed.

I don’t have a desk at work. I have an office that I share with about 7 other people, but there are only 4 desks and 1 table in that room. The desks were claimed by the older supervisors as soon as the blueprints for the building were approved.

My backpack is essential to everything I do. It has my notebooks and office supplies for my full-time job, my samples for my Country Scents Candles business, and my notebooks for my blog. It is literally my business in a bag.


I was very lucky to get the backpack at a going out of business sale for our local Hastings last year; I only spent 3 bucks on it. I get all of my office supplies at dollar stores and back to school sales. You can even see my public library brochure poking out there.

How do you keep all of your business stuff together?

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