Happy Easter everyone. This is my favorite holiday. I love the pastel colors. The baskets. The rabbit and chick-shaped everything. I love remembering the hideous floral dresses that my mom put me in with matching gloves, hat, and purse.

Don’t even get me started on the white tights and white patent leather shoes. Lol.

It’s a time of rebirth and renewal.

I don’t love what I read earlier in a local mommy facebook group. It was a post wanting to know what everyone was stuffing in their kids’ baskets. The moderator hadn’t finished her shopping yet and wanted ideas. Fair enough.

One mom, though, listed a huge amount of things and then said that the kids had already gotten their big gifts from the Easter Bunny.

Come again?

BIG gifts?

This isn’t Christmas. This isn’t their birthday. I don’t ‘do’ Easter Bunny with the kids, the lie doesn’t sit well with my soul. I struggle enough with Christmas. I don’t understand the needs to make Easter a huge capitalist holiday. It’s beautiful without all that.

My kids’ baskets are actually plastic buckets. To me, baskets are too ‘single use’. I like using things that the kids can reuse. They each got a chocolate cross and 3 small bags of Cadbury mini eggs. We decided to not get chocolate bunnies due to the recent passing of our pet rabbit.
My oldest and I still can’t talk about Poppy without crying. We are working on our memorial garden for him though.
Auggie got a pack of duck-shaped crayons, an Easter-themed bubble set, and he’s also getting a stuffed chick or lamb. The oldest two got 2 composition notebooks and a sketch diary.

I spent no more than $5 each. After Auggie’s stuffed animal the average might be more along the lines of $6.50. They aren’t “full” by most people’s standards, but it’s enough. We will make resurrection rolls and go to church. Hubby is uncomfortable doing an egg hunt for Easter so I and the kids will pick a random day later in April to have Auggie look for unfilled eggs in the backyard.

Regardless of how big or how little your baskets are, I hope you enjoy the holiday and may this beautiful season bring renewal to your life.


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