I grew up helping in the family garden. I love being outside, getting dirty, and working with my hands. So I feel like my kids should also help in the family garden.

This goes back to teaching life skills. In case of a deep recession or, God forbid, another depression, our youth need to know how to grow their own food. I know it’s also a great way to save money, but sometimes you have to look at the BIG picture. No economy is recession-proof.

The weather was perfect last Tuesday and hubby took the day off. I was supposed to use that time to rest, but I am solar powered and needed the sunshine. I decided to use that time to get my little box garden ready. Auggie was thrilled to help. Not pictured was my oldest, who got paid to weed the garden for me.

Auggie with his little hoe and Blippi hat.

It’s a modest little garden, but it’s what I can manage right now. We are going to add a little bit of height to it with a dirt and compost mix. I’ve been working on my compost since we first moved in three years ago. I think it’s time to add it to the garden. Right now we are planning on string beans, tomatoes, and carrots. I picked the first two and Auggie picked the last.

Last year I had intended to add a second box, but my back wouldn’t let me. Our backyard is really rocky so it takes a lot of effort to get a plot ready for gardening. I’m going to work a little on it this year and hope to have it completely ready for next year. I would also like to add some cold boxes, but am not brave enough to just yet.

my progress

My Progress 2


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