“You homeschool AND work? When do you have time for yourself?”

The looks I get when people hear what all I do and it’s usually followed by ‘when do you have time for yourself?’.

I homeschool during the day. My kids use Time4Learning, so it’s pretty self-directed. They only need me when they have questions and then we work on it together. It’s fairly rare that they have questions. The lessons are very good at explaining most things. My preschooler is the only one that needs hands-on and we don’t do ‘school’ every day. He’s 3 with the attention span of a puppy. I have very realistic expectations for him. He is very good at self-directed play. I don’t have to ‘amuse’ him. He knows how to do it himself.

My downtime during school hours is spent either on this blog or working one of my two side businesses. If I am able to write a lot and schedule my posts ahead of time, then I will binge watch something or crochet (my favorite hobby).

I work nights and every other Saturday afternoon. With a car payment and my daughter’s dance bill, it’s necessary that I work out of the home too. I have received some flack about this from my homeschool mompreneur community, but we have to do what we have to do. I am lucky to be able to work at the local university during hours that my husband does not work. I have Friday and either Saturday or Sunday off, depending on which week it is. Those are my get ahead writing days. I also catch up on cleaning. These are almost always ‘school’ days for Auggie.

My husband has Sundays and Mondays off. He takes over the homeschooling on Mondays so that I can sleep in. I’ve mentioned before that I am not currently a churchgoer, although my kids are, so I also sleep in on Sundays. I typically sleep all day on these two days. This week hubby took Tuesday off as well so that I could get some extra rest. This allowed me to work in my garden. My moods are solar powered, so this was a huge help.

I can’t go to sleep as soon as I get home from work!!! 

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t need some time to wind down from the workday. I get early morning snacks with my oldest child, who stays up to make sure I get home ok. This is another opportunity to either work or goof off online. I do make it a point to do zero housework when I get home from work. It’s my time to unwind.

You see, I have time.

Is it easy? No. I would worry if it was.

Is it worth it? I hope so.

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