I was not compensated for this review. All opinions expressed here are truly mine and Auggie’s.

Auggie has a kindle and uses Amazon FreeTime for videos, books, and games.

{I was against him getting one, buuuuuttt Grandma}

It has been amazing for him. He’s learning dinosaur names and cute songs that he wouldn’t have been exposed to had it not been for the Kindle.

More importantly, however, it introduced him to a character named Blippi.
 Blippi came to be in 2014. Stevin John is both the genius behind Blippi and the star of the show. He has said that his goal “was to bring positive emotions and memories to the act of learning” [blippi.com].

With a soft, sweet voice and a pleasing color palette of orange and light blue, he keeps his viewers engaged. Sometimes he’s playing on playground equipment; both out and indoor. Sometimes he’s just playing with toys. Auggie’s personal favorite is when Blippi goes on a picnic and his food disappears. He gets the help of the local police force to find out what happened.

In fact, Stevin John has used actual police officers in many episodes I have seen. He’s also used farmers.

The songs are memorable without being “Barney-esque”. {Hey now, I had a niece during the height of Barney’s popularity. It was…..not something I ever want to repeat} In fact, I’ve been humming the garbage truck song at work all day.

At the end of the youtube videos, Blippi tells the viewer that they can find his other videos by looking up ‘Blippi’. Then he tells them how to spell his name. The consistency in how he says it has actually taught Auggie how to spell it. I’ve been trying to use the same sing-song voice to teach him to spell his name. Same amount of letters, so the rhythm is still there.

Auggie in his official Blippi hat

Honestly, it’s a good, fun, sweet character that our whole family enjoys. We will all sit and watch the videos with Auggie and sing the songs when the opportunity arises.
See a boat? “Floating down the river, sailing on the sea…”
What’s that over there? “Gar-bage truck, gar-bage truck!”

And the most fun fact about Stevin John? According to his bio page, he wants to be a limo driver. That speaks volumes to my soul. Probably because I would like to own a taco truck.

I did buy Auggie the hat from Amazon. Blippi.com was sold out so you can only currently get the merchandise on Amazon. If you have a preschooler, please check out Blippi’s videos on Youtube.

Thank you to the staff at blippi.com for encouraging me to research Stevin John and the character.

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