There are a million bucket lists for each season/month/year and now there is one more. I have one that you can pin for your own use and one that I’m striking through to mark my progress.

my progress

So we watched Coco for our new movie.

The random act of kindness was inspired by a random act of kindness. We were picking up Little Cesaer’s and when it was our turn to pay, the drive-thru employee informed us that the car in front of us paid for our bill. The last time that happened, we weren’t able to pay it forward. This time though, well the sweet lady with the handicap placard behind us didn’t have to buy her food.

And homemade bread…. well, I made soda bread for St. Patrick’s day.

Here’s the version to pin:

two oats spring bucket list #1

You are being challenged to pick a spring bucket list and do what you can. Keep track of your progress. Comment here if you need help with accountability. I would LOVE to know what you are up to.

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