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This is actually the first book on our 100 Books to Read Before Kindergarten list since it is in alphabetical order. We are not going in order though.

1 2 3 a Child’s First Counting Book by Alison Jay is such a sweet book. It takes us on a journey through a little girl’s dream guided by Mother Goose. I really liked that it counted to ten and then counted back down to one. It also showed the number in the numeral form and spelled out. Although Auggie is only 3, this introduces the concept that numbers don’t always look like numbers.

We had fun pointing out the repetition of numbers in the pictures too. The 3 pigs had 3 cupcakes. The witch was found on multiple pages. The pictures are gorgeous! They are colorful but painted in a vintage style to go with the fairy tale theme of the book. See the picture at the top to get a better feel of what I mean.

But what was my activity?

Pinterest has been failing me lately on the literacy activities for these books. I just had to come up with my own. Although any activity having to deal with fairy tales and Mother Goose rhymes would go with this book. I have included affiliate links in this post to help you easily locate the items. =)

It takes about 5 minutes for this craft and your little one can help.

Heavy Weight Index Cards or card stock cut to flash card size
Self-adhesive Rhinestone Stickers
Pen, Marker, Crayon, Pencil…just something to write with


Throwing back to If You Give a Toddler a Book, we are going to make a set of matching cards.

Make a set of cards for numerals 1-10. Then make another set spelling each number out. Keeping in mind that this is for 3-5-year-olds and they can’t read yet, help your child put enough rhinestones on the second set of cards to correspond with the numbers. Like so:


Since he can’t read, he needs to be able to know which cards to match the numeral to. He can count.

We matched the cards twice after making them, counting the stickers and I would point out the word, sounding it out. {Oh, hello sight words. I almost didn’t see you there}

After playing with these cards, he did request his cookie cards too. It’s great to have multiple activities that use similar concepts. Children learn by repetition, but get bored easily.

I’m working on getting permission from my local children’s librarian to share that list with you all.

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