It’s a children’s book! I swear! Lol. Actual Size by Steve Jenkins is mainly a picture book that shows the actual size of animals… or at least parts of the animal. They eyeball of a giant squid takes up the whole page. The head of the crocodile takes up 3; the third page being a fold-out. This book was really fun because it introduces the mathematical concept of size comparison. You really can’t help but lay your head on the squid eye so your child can see that the eye is bigger or have your child put their foot on the elephant’s foot.

Unfortunately, this is another book that just doesn’t have many activities to it on Pinterest.


I actually traced the gorilla hand from the page of the book. I was going to make a copy, but my copy/printer is out of ink. When a homeschooler runs out of ink, we do it by hand. As you can see the gorilla hand was actually bigger than the paper. I just left off the tips of the middle and ring fingers. The pinspiration from Chalk Talk had used paint to put the child’s handprint on the gorilla’s, but Auggie didn’t want to get his hands dirty.

Have you ever tried to hand a 3-year-old still while tracing their hand? It’s not easy, but we got it. I labeled each hand with his name for his hand and ‘gorilla’ for the gorilla’s hand. This works for both name recognition and letter recognition. I don’t actually expect him to be able to read the word “gorilla”, but I do expect him to be able to point out the letters and tell me what they are.

We also worked on putting things in order according to size. I used balls. We did biggest to smallest and smallest to biggest. Again, this isn’t something I expected for him to get straight off, but we did it to introduce the concept.

I’m really excited for this summer break, y’all. Hubby and I talked it over and with the number of hits this blog has been getting we decided that while I’m on summer layoff, I’m going to blog full time. I’ll still sell through Country Scents Candles, but we are going to see if I can make a go of this and work on getting me back home full time. It’s possible to work out of the home full time and homeschool, it’s just really difficult.

So please, leave me a comment on what you want to see from me. I have a lot of ideas and I just bought a lot of office supplies so that I can work on them. {I’m mainly a pen and paper kinda gal} But I want to know what you want from Two Oats.

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