When I had time, I read a lot. I would sit around and just devour books. This was before I went back to work and juggled two side businesses. I miss reading. I made it a point to try to instill that love of reading in my children. Here’s what Auggie and I have been working on:

It all started when we borrowed If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and I looked up activities to go with the book.

We found a great brochure at our public library that listed 100 books to read before kindergarten.

My cow loving Auggie enjoyed reading Click Clack Moo. We also did our first handprint craft.

This week we discovered No Sleep for the Sheep. I hadn’t read that one before so it was fun to go into unchartered territory. I didn’t find any crafts for this book, so I ended up making a farm bag.

I’ll be posting about our next book soon. Even though we just started this reading project, we are enjoying it so much. He has been trying to read books by himself and everyone has liked snuggling with him during reading time.

I was hoping to put him in a private preschool in August, but it doesn’t look like he will be potty trained and the price might be out of our ballpark. While I look at more feasible options, I will be homeschooling the preschool years.

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