Our town recently got an Aldi’s. I wouldn’t say that I’m converted, but WOW. It sure does help since we stopped getting WIC when I got my last raise. The biggest area it’s been helping in is fresh produce. I have read blog posts about produce from Aldi’s going bad faster than from other stores, but I haven’t found that to be true at all.

I like to take the kids with me when I go grocery shopping so that they can learn to make informed decisions and learn how to budget/cost compare. My mom always took one of us with her and she taught us how to get the best value; figuring out the unit price. She even had us estimate the cost of the groceries before and after sales tax.

This time I had the 3-year-old with me. We ended up with clementines, lemons, strawberries, and 2 bags of grapes.

Basically, he demanded all the fruit.

I’m never going to deny my children fruit. My dad used to tell us that it was God’s candy and even when we were struggling the most financially, my parents always made sure that there were apples, bananas, and oranges readily available. Dad would peel and slice apples and oranges for us; stored them in a container in the fridge.

At these prices, I could buy all the fruit though. Lol.

And yes, he does eat lemons. Just like the rest of us eat oranges, that child eats lemons.

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