My children go to an Assembly of God church. Their youth group is fantastic. They include my children- our previous church “home” isolated my son due to his diagnoses -and all of the adults are friendly and welcoming. It’s not the church for me (I’m a hymnal kinda gal), but my kids’ spiritual and social needs are being met.

They also have a competition once a year for youth group members to show their talents for the glory of God. My son chose to start competing last year in the category of digital photography. He didn’t win or get an honorable mention, but he adjusted and kept the judge’s comments in mind. For Christmas, we got him a fancy camera.//
Well, fancy with reason. He is just a beginning, hobby photographer.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Photo cred: Michael Brewer

He said I could post the picture he submitted on here. He needs to work on focus, which is what the judges said. It didn’t win any awards or qualify for nationals, but he is already planning a beach themed picture to submit for next year. He appreciated and praised his competitor’s photos and I thank God that he has good sportsmanship.

Despite the fact that we went out there to support him, he elected to ride with the church photographer and hang out with the youth group. I didn’t get any panicked calls and he didn’t have any meltdowns. I’m learning to let go of his special needs.

Anyway, I’m super happy with this competition and now that I know more about it, I plan on integrating some of it into our homeschool lessons. It didn’t even feel like a competition as much as a showcase. Everything was done with love and kindness and it almost made me forget my struggles with church. Almost.

Having said all that…. they almost lost me with the ‘Hallelujah Holla Back’ Christian “hip hop” song. I’m completely a hymnal gal.


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