Sunday we returned Click Clack Moo and I was thrilled to find that the children’s librarian had pulled the books on the 100 Books list to a shelf unit at the beginning of the children’s area. Not having to scour the disorderly shelves to find these books definitely made for a more enjoyable library experience.

And as a bonus, our library has just got a light table. My 3-year-old had something to occupy himself right next to me while I picked out our next two books.
No Sleep for the Sheep! by Karen Beaumont was the first of the two that we read.

It really could be seen as a metaphor for parenting. This poor sheep is trying to sleep in the barn and different animals keep coming up to the barn door, waking the sheep up. The sheep gets the other animals to sleep by shushing them and putting them in the pen with it. That’s right….the sheep cosleeps in order to get sleep itself. The rhyming scheme is brilliant and I found myself almost singing the words. I don’t know the difference between Iambic Pentameter or Iambic Heptameter, but this author is rocking the Iamb. {Here’s a website that tries to explain it}

Pinterest doesn’t have a whole lot of activities for this book!! I found this cute cotton ball sheep from Preschool Activities.

Our sheep

Then I thought we needed a barn for the sheep.

It was very difficult to get this picture. He kept wanting to play with it.

I bought a reusable red bag from the Family Dollar for a dollar. Google helped me free hand a barn shape on the back of it. Wrote his name on top to help with name recognition and then we put the sheep to sleep in the barn. The cow from Click Clack Cows joined in and woke the sheep up. We eventually got them both to sleep. I’m thinking about crocheting all the farm animals so that we can act out the story whenever we want.



3 thoughts on “No Sleep

  1. Fun! I love the idea of intentionally engaging the story beyond reading. I didn’t do that well with my first three (now teens). I will try again with my next one (currently 13 months).


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