It is no secret that I do not get along with my mother in law. Our personalities and parenting styles clash 100%. To the point that I just tough through all my mommy struggles if my mommy friends aren’t available. But yesterday I needed her and she was there for me.

My 13-year old’s church took their youth to a Fine Arts competition. He had entered a photo and we (myself, MIL, 12-year-old, and 3-year-old) went to go see it on display. The night before, however, I got a migraine.

I know some people are able to function completely normal with a migraine. Some are lucky enough to get painless migraines; like my husband. I get knocked on my rear. Thankfully, I don’t get them very often.

I couldn’t sleep.

Mentally I couldn’t get ahead of the pain, so I dwelled on it…all night. The next morning I managed to eat an egg McMuffin and drank coke to help settle the tummy. The pain had got to the point that I was sick to my stomach. In fact, I threw up during the night. Well, I also threw up twice more before we got to the venue for the competition. The whole time my MIL was keeping my kids calm and quiet.

Once we got there, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t. The other kids from the church had sermons, drum solos, ukeleles, singing, stomp, and human video. So loud. I knew I just couldn’t and was on the verge of tears. My son’s photo wouldn’t even be put on display for hours.

What happened next was the closest to the Titus 2:3-5 relationship that I wanted when I got married but didn’t get. She respectfully took over. She walked the kids around the campus, let them roll around in the grass, took them to a playground even.

All while I slept in the car.

I was able to focus on the early spring birds chirping, the warmth of the sun on my face, and the cold breeze blowing through the open window. I was able to focus on something other than the pain and I got ahead of it.

After 3 hours, I was able to keep down a migraine relief gelcap. It was lunchtime so she drove us around until she found a local restaurant that offered a buffet so that there would be enough options to satisfy all of our needs (pork chops, boiled potatoes, and cornbread…YUM). She kept the little one with her when we were looking at the photos and when he started to get antsy during the awards, she took him to the car for a nap.

On the way home I kept apologizing and thanking her. It was nice to have her there though. If I had tried to take the kids on my own….

Moms need help. Not all the time and not from everyone that offers.

But when you really need it, accept it.


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