….that’s what the 3-year-old kept calling our next selection from the library. He loves cows and has watched the cartoon, Click, Clack, Moo: Christmas at the Farm, multiple times. So when I saw Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen Cronin on the 100 books to read before Kindergarten list, I nabbed it as our next selection.

I’m still recovering from If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, so Daddy and big brother did the reading and re-reading this time.  With electronics being so prevalent in our day to day lives, I’ve tried to make sure that he sees everyone in the family reading an actual book. Even if it is just when they read to him.

Just like with the other book, I went to Pinterest to get ideas on literary activities. The first one didn’t have a website attached to it. If anyone knows what website it came from, please leave me a comment so I can give proper credit.  But here is our take on it: IMAG0372

It’s a fat cow.

Without ears.

And it might have a spot shaped like a duck.

But it’s OUR cow. Lol. This was the first handprint craft that we have done. Instead of doing stars, like in the pinned picture, I just wrote: “The cow jumped over the moon”. We went over the word “cow” in this picture enough times that he can point it out in the book.

The next activity was inspired by In the Children’s Room’s cow mask. My little one doesn’t like masks or hats for that matter. So I switched it to where we just made a cow head. IMAG0371

I cut out the horns, ears, and mouth. Little bit used a glue stick to put them on. It’s hanging up on the whiteboard in the living room.

There was one more craft that I wanted to do but decided not to because it could be very messy. I’m thinking about reserving it for when the weather warms up a bit more and we can take it outside. But I want to include it here because it does tie in very well. The Pinay Homeschooler used latex gloves to teach how to milk a cow. Such fun! We might try to visit a local farm before doing this activity.



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