Did I mention that my daughter dances?

I honestly can’t remember if I have, but it’s such a big part of our life that I can’t get away without mentioning it. Since she was 4 she has had goals of being a ballerina. Now that doesn’t just mean taking ballet class. Every dancer at her studio starts in ballet.

No, for my little ballerina it means a pair of these.

Toe shoes and ouch pads in the mesh bag to keep them from stinking.

Pretty, pink satin toe shoes. These babies are what allows a ballerina to dance for hours on her toes. And now my 12-year-old daughter has a pair.

Going en pointe is a huge deal. It requires many hours of ballet class, practicing at home, and taking the art form seriously.

I honestly never thought that she would get there. My wonderfully weird child used to not take anything seriously. Why would she? She’s a child.

This year something clicked in her though. She started working harder and asking for more master classes with other studios; taking community drop-in classes with an adult dance troupe in the next city. She became passionate. At an age where a lot of dancers leave their studios to pursue other interests, mine has firmly stated that this is a career path for her.

Her teachers have noticed her growth and are working with her to do all they can to make it all possible. She still has a long way to go and it’s going to take privates over the summer to get her closer. Plus voice lessons. Did I mention that she’s set her eyes on Broadway?

Getting fitted at the dance store.

She’s hardcore ballet because it is the foundation of all dance. Even hip-hop masters teachers will tell their students to take ballet.

Dance is expensive, I’m not going to pretend the contrary. When we got her toe shoes and everything to go with it, she also needed new jazz shoes and tap shoes. So, below are affiliate links that I may get compensation for if you buy something. It doesn’t affect your price. I also have 2 home-based businesses that help pay for dance.


Here’s a link to my Country Scents Candles store and a link to my Country Suds store.

Thanks for your support even if you don’t buy anything. It is so nice to have this blog to turn to.

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