The worst part about being unhappy in the workplace is that you can’t talk about it.


Now I get that they don’t want disgruntled employees blasting the company and scaring off potential employees or even customers. And, to be honest, I would definitely have thought twice about accepting my initial position with this company had I been warned about the extent of the gossip, backstabbing, and drama (truly, it is worse here than any other place I have worked).

But shouldn’t companies allow it so that they can use the feedback as constructive criticism and enact change?

Are we so scared of negative feedback that we are preventing ourselves from being able to be better? Oh, I did a segue, didn’t I?

But if you apply it to your personal life, it still stands. We have got to stop being so sensitive about everything and allow for criticism in order to grow and be better. And I don’t mean that we can’t have feelings. I was in tears the other night at work, but I used what was said to me and am working on that issue.

Life isn’t fight club and we shouldn’t have to be silent about being unhappy.

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