This past week at work has been hard. I’ve been called in early, required to work late, worked off the clock, been yelled at for something that had nothing to do with me, and found out that there are non-supervisors that get paid more than me.

I’m tired, unhappy, and it’s getting in the way of living.

What can I do?

I need to work to pay for the kids’ activities and to make my car payment. But what’s the point of having them in activities if I’m too tired to enjoy them?

Thursday, as I cried while getting ready for work, my husband put his foot down. No more working when I am not scheduled. No more going in early. No more working off the clock. Simply put, that job needs me more than I need them.

I love my husband and I respect him, so last night I left work on time. My coworker tried to shame me for it. My employees said that I am letting him control me. I know the truth. I’m getting my priorities straight. I’m putting what matters most, first.

So Saturday afternoon, I didn’t go in when my manager called. I rested. Then I got ready for my husband’s work party.

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