So remember when I dedicated this year to not being so high-strung?

Well, work started back up.

As a supervisor, I had to work extra hours to get our new building and new stores up and running. That means I had to work day shift. WITH THE DAY SHIFT SUPERVISORS!

That’s something that I now know that I should never do.


Apparently, they stress me out so much that my upper lip broke out in fever blisters. Which then burst open, got infected, and caused half of my lip to swell. The photo was post-swelling.

During all of that, I tried to get strep throat. WHY NOT? The doctor said that my immune system tried to kick in and my lymph node sucked up that infection. But because of my thyroid disease, that’s as far as my shitty immune system would take it. So my lymph node swelled up.

I’m now pumped up on 1500 mg of antibiotics…and ladies you all know what that means. There’s a certain infection I’ll be fighting in the near future.

So, it’s 20 days into the new year and I have stress face.

My lip is normal sized now although I am sporting the ugliest scabs and my neck is still swollen and sore. UPDATE: although the swelling didn’t last long and the scabs healed, I was left with scars on my upper lip. A reminder of why I shouldn’t work with day shift.


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