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We made Chinese food for Christmas dinner. Hubby overestimated how much lo mein we would need and this left us with a lot leftover that the kids wouldn’t touch. Because why would they eat leftovers?

Thankfully (?), I was sick and in desperate need of soup. Even more thankful that I know how to make soup without using canned ingredients.

You’ll need:
*Half a pound of chicken, boiled and diced
*3 medium carrots, sliced
*Half a bag of frozen celery/onion/green pepper diced mix
*Knorr Homestyle Stock Vegetable Concentrated Broth, Vegetable 4.66 oz, 4 ct
*Organic Lo Mein Noodles by Roland (12.8 ounce)
*Salt and pepper to taste

I make my own vegetable stock, but included the link for those who don’t.

Prepare noodles and the stock according to the package (disregard if using homemade stock) and add carrots. Once carrots are tender, add frozen veggies, noodles, and chicken. Cook together until hot. Season to taste. Eat.

This is a very basic recipe that didn’t cost me much but can be altered to suit your tastes/needs/pantry supplies.

Chicken cost- .99
Stock was free since I make my own from veggie scraps.
Bag of frozen veggies was $1.29. I only used half a bag – .65
Carrots- .99
Lo mein was free since I used leftovers.
Salt and pepper is pennies and a staple in most homes.

For me, it was less than $3 for 8 servings.

And, more importantly, it was delicious.

This post includes affiliate links that I may receive compensation from.

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