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This is a parenting post and it’s not a very popular topic. Bear with me. 

This past week I had a few employees at a new restaurant training for our location to open in the food court. I was there with them. Three were college age, one was mid-twenties, and two were older than me. Everyone helps to do dishes. That’s my rule for the food court; it brings together a crew.


Let that sink in.

He honestly had no idea how to. That night I had my 13 and 12 year old talk me through the process of hand washing dishes. Just to prove to myself that they will be OK without a dishwasher present. Because you won’t always have a dishwasher. It’s a luxury that a lot of people do without.

People, for the sake of all the adults your kids are going to interact with, have them do chores. Teach them basic life skills. Most importantly, teach them that everyone can and should clean.


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