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We were trying to find a way to get out of going to hubby’s grandpa’s house on Christmas Eve. Not that we don’t enjoy being around the family. We do. But it’s a 40-minute drive into the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

And did I mention that we’re broke until Thursday?

Well, it wasn’t meant for us to go because the baby woke up with a high fever. Instead of getting ready for Santa, we were comforting a crying, sick child. Instead of eating bad taco soup with his family and wondering how much gas we have left in the tank, we were eating spaghetti and wondering how long before taking little man to the hospital.

His fever kept rollercoaster-ing and as long as it stayed around 100, never higher than 103, I was OK with letting his body fight. His doctor had advised us multiple times to let his immune system build by fighting, but to keep a close watch.

I needed to pray and to feel close to God. Living so close to Main Street in Central Kentucky means that there are multiple churches within walking distance. One of them was offering a traditional late night Christmas service. I convinced my daughter to go with me so that she would stop kissing the baby. The last thing I needed was another sick kid. She was confused by the lack of drums, but by the end of the service, she thanked me for taking her.

It was midnight when we got back and the baby was wide awake. Nothing I said or did could convince him that Santa needed him to be asleep. In all honesty, why would he be concerned about Santa when he felt so bad?

Well, then we heard Santa outside saying”Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!”. That got him to lay down in our bed long enough for Santa to do his thing without ruining the Santa deal with a child out of bed.

Christmas day wasn’t much better: fever of 101, runny nose, congestion, and a cough. We woke him up for breakfast and presents. He barely ate the waffles and wasn’t amused by his stocking. His big toy was a hit, though, and he played with that until his fever exhausted him.15142607553691950634991In a nutshell, that was our Christmas. My daughter got a new bicycle and the teenage boy got a fancy camera.

Traditionally, we go to a Chinese restaurant but decided to make stir fry at home (broke due to the lay off, remember?). A Christmas Story was watched and George Bailey reminded us that we are more than the dollars in our account.

In unrelated news, my computer died. 😦 I am writing this post from my phone and I take forever to text.

Country Scents Candles are pulling their seasonal scents on the 31st unless the scents sell out before then. On the plus side, there is one helluva sale going on.


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