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I grew up with big Christmases. Like, you couldn’t get out of the house because the presents blocked you in. My husband also had big Christmases.

As crazy as it sounds, our kids don’t get big Christmases. Neither my husband nor I were grateful for the crazy amounts of toys and clothes that we got in our childhood, so we decided to do Christmas differently.


It’s just not for us.

So we keep the presents simple, the decorations simple, the traditions simple, and the food Chinese.


Trees are the hardest things to keep simple. A couple years ago, I retired our large cross tree topper. It had just seen better days. We went a year without one as I tried to find an angel to replace it. That following year, we bought a house in December and didn’t have the extra money to spend on decorations (I was entering the third trimester with our youngest child). I did have yarn though and internet access.

I found a simple angel ornament pattern that I could tinker with (I never use patterns as written) and hooked one up. This year I used the ribbon from my last post to add a bow backing to my angel. IMAG0189

Overall I think it adds a nice touch of color to the top without being overbearing.

Silver Cross with Gems & Pearls Christmas Tree Topper

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