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There are 2 things that I just love, I mean giant-puff-heart-hiring-a-sky-writer love, and that is Christmas and upcycling. This little do-it-yourself combines both.

Christmas Jar
Isn’t it just darling?

The Christmas part is fairly obvious- although you can change the ribbon and make this fit any season/occasion -the upcycling part involves that jar. That jar is the remnants of my super yummy smelling German Chocolate Cake candle from Country Scents Candles. This is a 16 oz jar with a lid.

You will need: {links provided for easy shopping}

a 16 oz mason jar- Ball Pint Jar, Regular Mouth, Set of 2
battery operated fairy lights- RTGS 2 Sets 15 Warm White Color Micro LED String Lights Battery Operated on 6 Feet Silver Color Wire
Small ribbon- 7/8″ Snowflakes Grosgrain Ribbon
Wide ribbon- iPEGTOP Wired Christmas Ribbon, Assorted Shimmer Organza Glitter Gift Wrapping Ribbons Handcraft Decorations, 36 Yards (12 Roll x 3 yd) by 2.5 inch, Floral Poinsettia Plaid
Double Stick Tape or Hot Glue Gun with Glue


First thing I did was to clean the jar and remove the label. I stupidly kept the label on before adding the hot soapy water to clean the still warm wax out. If you do the same, peel what you can off and sprinkle baking soda on the adhesive residue and gently scrubbing. It will take the adhesive off without scratching the jar. If you are using a new mason jar, you can skip this part.


I had hubby make a hole in the middle of the jar lid. Admittedly, I have no idea how he managed it. I was at work. Be careful when you do this step as it looks like you might be able to cut yourself.The purpose of the hole is to be able to string your lights through the lid while keeping the battery pack on top. He went ahead and strung the lights through for me. I used double stick tape to secure it to the lid, but if you are wanting a more permanent fix, hot glue it. Just make sure you glue it in such a way that you can still change the batteries.



I cut off about 12 inches of my plaid wired ribbon and placed it in the jar with the lights. I screwed the lid on next and wrapped a small length of my 7/8″ ribbon around it, securing it with double stick tape. Again, if you don’t plan on ever changing the ribbon on your jar, you can hot glue the ribbon to the lid.


It’s a bit of a mess looking at this step

I used more of my plaid ribbon to make a simple bow to disguise the battery pack when you are looking at it straight on. If you are looking at it from above, the battery pack is still visible. It’s up on my mantle, so I’m not worried about making a bigger bow to hide the pack, which is a good thing because a simple bow is all I can manage. I used the smaller ribbon to wrap around the middle of the bow.

Here’s a picture of the finished product with the lights off. IMAG0180

I did a YouTube video


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