I’m back to the full-time job now, so I’m behind on everything that’s important to me.

The solar eclipse hit the US 8/21/17. Where we live was only getting 95%. We decided to make it a homeschool field trip and drove 2 hours south to Scottsville, KY (lovely town) for totality. We were broke so we didn’t get to help stimulate the local economy too much, with the exception of McDonald’s and Dollar General. The eclipse was magnificent though and we are already planning on traveling north in a couple of years for the next one.

I did a youtube video for my candle business!! I’ll link it below. That was interesting and I’m wearing footed pajamas during it. Sorry, not sorry.

Guys, I’m behind on writing and editing and homeschooling. I feel like a failure right now and could use some prayers if you are that type…. good energies if you aren’t.

My Video


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