My oldest two kids came up with the name “Two Oats” while we were camping one night. I ran with it without a clue of what I could really do with such a name.

Turns out it’s more than a name. They gave me a brand that I could lump all of my work under. God bless them. So I drew up a quick picture/logo/profile that I could use for my etsy/insta/twitter/snap/blog.

Hence the background of the blog. I used a premade theme because I’m not a techy type person- despite my alter ego (a story for another time) -but didn’t like the blank background that came with it.

So now we have an oat straw with two oats hanging from it.

I have gone through and changed all of my stuff to include the two oats ‘brand’. I’m also filing for the trademark. My babies came up with it; it’s mine.


Drawing by Stephanie Brewer


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