Financial freedom.

That’s the absolute American dream, isn’t it? There are hundreds of books to help you achieve it. Podcasts more your thing? I typed in “financial freedom podcast” and got over 2 million hits. Dave Ramsey built a whole EMPIRE on charging people to find their financial freedom. I’m not even going into the blogs…


Sold this for 3 bucks on Facebook

For me, financial freedom comes in the tidy number of $3,000 a month. That’s how much I need to make outside of my job to be able to quit and work from home for myself.So that’s my end game number: 3,000.

Naturally, I am still considering my husband’s pay and this would be after taxes. I want my absolute take home pay to be 3,000 a month.

So in addition to selling candles to help pay for my daughter’s dance, I also buy and resell things. Sometimes I get lucky- like the time we picked up 14 packs of a collectible card game and sold it on eBay for $200 -and sometimes, I have to eat the costs. But the trick is similar to the stock market: buy low, sell high.

I don’t know if it’s possible to make $3,000 a month doing this, but I sure am going to try my best to.

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