Today my daughter, my sweet 11-year-old daughter whose body is storing up energy for puberty, ordered a $20 shrimp and steak meal for lunch. Once upon a time, she would only order fried chicken (chicken legs, nuggets, tenders). Basically, if it used to cluck then she didn’t give a f— how it was served, so I’m excited that she is eating better forms of protein.

Thankfully, my mother in law was footing the bill.

Since becoming a mom thirteen years ago, I found out that feeding the children is more expensive than anyone is willing to admit. Lol. I work full time, hubby works full time and we still need to be frugal when it comes to the food bill.

And we both make well over minimum wage.

My oldest, who is 13, got a triple bacon burger. The baby got grilled chicken and broccoli. There was a ‘2 for $25’ deal that I split with MIL. We skipped out on ordering desserts and opted to hop over to our favorite gas station for .89 slushes. At the restaurant, I insisted that we all drink water. $3 for a soda?? No thanks. It was still an expensive lunch, but thank GOD, I didn’t have to pay for it.

I’m really excited about this blog and do not have any direction for it. I have tried ‘niche’ blogs…about twenty of them (not really, I’m a little dramatic) and I gave up on every one of them. It was too much to try to plan and take perfect pictures for everything. Plus, in all honesty, I’m really a more by the seat of your pants writer and I plan on making this blog one too.

So welcome to Two Oats. I hope you stick around.


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